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eastern time at this point. all right, i want to go back to juliette who is, as i said, she is living in cambridge. she has been in the neighborhood there where all this activity is taking place and also a national security expert. juliette, again, you know, it's difficult with all of the pieces we have. we're trying to draw them together, make some sense of this. it's very difficult. there's no official confirmation of any of this at all, but with your background and all your experience in national security, tell us what you're tending to put together at this point. >> well, basically just watching and reading and passing by probably about 30 police cars from transit police -- excuse me, transit police, boston police, cambridge police, all of them. obviously, something big is going on. what we have to remember, there's three different incidents. there's the marathon attack, with the city very much on edge and a strong presence in the city. then you have a police officer shot at m.i.t. in cambridge. and the geography is that the m.i.t. campus -- the part of campus where that is not th
after he had been detained and a photograph was taken much him. we assume, according to juliette kayyem, homeland security analyst we have at cnn, that is to try to make a connection or see if there is a connection between this individual and, we understand there was a second arrest as well, and the individuals who earlier this evening, thursday night after 5:00, images of them were released by the fbi, individuals wanted in relationship to the boston marathon bombings. drew, i'm sorry to interrupt. i just wanted to make sure that video could be shown and please continue asking gabe what happened and what he witnessed this evening. >> reporter: absolutely. after that arrest took place and questioning took place, i shouldn't say arrest. after that person was taken into custody, there was a second person that you noticed who came out in handcuffs. >> yes. it was interesting. as soon as they had -- fbi had finished questioning the primary suspect and placed him back in the squad car, another man came around the corner from dexter street on to nichols towards the squad car where this first
officers are on patrol. linda. >> reporter: well, juliette, gh behind me you can see some of thheavy artillery. police have been here since tuesday when another pg&e substation was attacked by vandals. now, other pg&e facilities are also being fortified. but for security reasons, they are not telling us where or how many. heavily armed police guarded various points around the newark substation and supply yard. patrol cars parked strategically to block anyone from entering the property. pg&e says the extra security was added after another substation in the sauk bay was sabotaged two days ago. >> we have made sure that additional security is located at our territory. we are working with law enforcement to determine how best to move forward with that increased security. >> reporter: police say on tuesday, someone with a high- powered rifle shot out five transformers at the metcalf substation in south san jose. minutes earlier someone climbed down a manhole to cut fiberoptic cables knocking out 911 service in gilroy. telephone lines were also disrupted at banks and other businesses. >> s
there and whether there are copy cats. we'll see a lot of this activity. >> i'm john berman. jay tapper. juliette kayyen. we are here in boston and have been covering all the events happening since 10:00 last night. at 10:00 last night, 10:20 p.m., there was a shooting, a campus police officer at the massachusetts institute of technology shot and killed in his car multiple gunshot wounds. then there was a carjacking. two suspects hijacking a car, keeping the men in the car with them for a short while and then there was a police chase. >> we should also note, the man was let free, amazingly, and is apparently unharmed. >> during this police chase authorities say that perhaps the suspects were throwing explosives out the window at law enforcement officials. showing you just how dangerous this situation is. then a shoot-out, suspect number one was shot and wounded. he was taken to a local area hospital where he since died. and then at this point authorities are saying suspect number two, the man who has been seen as the man in the white hat at the boston marathon finish line, suspect number two is c
on the side of the road and there are going to be a lot of controlled detonations, i would suspect. juliette, you're here. you're a boston globe columnist and a former official with the department of homeland security both in the federal government in d.c. and also here in massachusetts. this is what you would expect. >> we're going to have a long time of these volled detonations, luggage left in one place, a bag left in another. it's going to feel kind of crazy to everyone watching and maybe we don't need to go to all of them. this is what the police do. they see these things and detonate them to make sure that they're safe. there are a lot of bags in any city and the city is on high alert. that's going to be natural. the chances are that all of these are going to be nothing, and this is just the normal routine. >> i want to point out for the cameras. you've been talking about how they're going to be fanned out and stopping transit because all public transportation has closed in the boston area and they're getting on this bus that is not in service and fanning out throughout the city. >> th
to find this particular individual. juliette and john said may have been a known person, but now in custody. >> it wasn't just the one video, we believe there was a second video that authorities were also using, correct? >> i was told by the source briefed on the investigation that the major breakthrough came from the department store, lord & taylor, very close to the second explosive location. they said they had a very clear image of a suspect making the drop. the way it was described to me, making the placement of the black bag and backing away and leaving the site. i was told that some additional video provided to authorities by a boston television station, doing live reporting and other taping, filming in the old days, taping in the area had also provided some video that was very useful as part of that enhanced video analysis. i was told the department store was the key element, but there was some additional video provided by a boston television station and they enhanced it and that technology improved so dramatically in recent years in part because of post 9/11 investigation
on the windy streets, juliette kayyem, former u.s. secretary for homeland security and assistant u.s. secretary and a columnist for the boston globe, as well. thank you both for being here. i want to look at these photos right away. let's take a look because they are images that are really, really interesting. the twisted metal of the pressure cooking we're seeing. we're seeing the circuit board which is in there. we're seeing now the bbs clustered together, probably designed to create the most possible harm imaginable. fran, i want to start with you. you're going to get a chance to look at these photos now with us overnight. what do you see? >> you know, john, what you see is all the forensics, to me, that investigators will find there. so the twists in the metal all will tell them about the force of the blast. they'll be able to tell what kind of explosives, definitively, were used. were the bombs constructed in the same way. the circuit board. every one of these small component pieces, regardless of how small it is, every one of them has the ability, some ability, to be traced. and i think p
has been remarkable teamwork down there from all the authorities involved. i will go to juliette kayyem, cnn contributor, former u.s. assistant secretary for homeland security. juliette, this has been a stunning victory for the authorities, hasn't it? >> i don't think anyone is going to do anything but be happy for a few hours. utter exhaustion by the first responders, given that this started on monday. and it was textbook in so many odd ways given how big this was, that the authorities put together a bunch of pieces, got some pictures, went public with the pictures and then we've had a wild 23 hours and one suspect is dead and one is in custody. so while it was unbelievably large, very tense, very scary for people who live here, that part of it is over. >> bob baer, with all your experience working with the cia, has this been a textbook operation by the authorities here? it seems like it. seems like they basically have played this from the moment they put out the images yesterday to the moment today they said to the public get back out there, almost immediately they got tips on
townsend, jeff toobin, jeffrey beatty, juliette kyyam, and with us, jeffrey vasquez, knew the older suspect and coached the younger suspect when he was in high school. luis, i appreciate you joining us very much. you saw them both the last time about two years ago. >> two years. ? first of all, tamerlan, you knew him more than the younger suspect, right? >> that is correct. he and i were friend, just in the hallway. the way we got to know each other was my wife -- sweetheart, high school girlfriend. she was friends with the sister, her name was bella. so him being a protective big brother, that's how i got to know him. and ever since then we keind of would have lunch here and there, see each other after high school here and there. two years ago he just kind of disappeared. i wouldn't see him around anymore. what kills my curiosity, i'm sure a lot of people also, is that what happened in the past year or so that made them want to do this. i just -- it's -- it's incredible. so horrendous. that's not who we knew as people growing up. and even -- >> we believe sometime in the last two years he
standing by there at watertown. bringing us some details. i want to go to juliette who lives in cambridge, also a national security expert, i might add. talk to us about what you're piecing together at this point, as this is happening in your neighborhood. >> yes. i left cnn earlier because i had been doing work on air for the boston marathon and heard about this. and was essentially delayed at the hotel because we had heard of so much activity. by the time i could get to cambridge off the mass turnpike, i had never seen anything like it. i want to make it clear that there was a cop killing, as everyone knows, at m.i.t. they are rare. very rare. and a response like this triggered by a police officer being, you know, killed at m.i.t., at a university, where students are is -- would engender a significant police response, given that we have just faced the boston marathon attacks, the fact we see so much activity is only because -- may only be because, let me make that clear, may only be because everyone is activated, as they should be, because there are key suspects on the loose. so, this r
evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm juliette goodrich in for elizabeth cook. we have learned tonight pg&e has asked and is getting extra security at several bay area facilities following the sabotage of a substation this week. kpix 5 reporter linda yee is outside a pg&e facility in fremont where officers are now standing guard. >> reporter: well, juliette, right behind me you can see some of the heavy artillery. police have been here since tuesday when another pg&e substation was attacked by vandals. now, other pg&e facilities are also being fortified. but for security reasons, they are not telling us where or how many. heavily armed police guarded various points around the newark substation and supply yard. patrol cars parked strategically to block anyone from entering the property. pg&e says the extra security was added after another substation in the sauk bay was sabotagetwo da ago. >> we have made sure that additional security is located at our substations throughout our service territory. we are working with law enforcement to determine how best to move forward with that increased
juliette kaym w i a former assistant secretary for both u.s. homeland secury a interestingly enough, a massachusetts homeland security adviser, as well. i want to start with juliette because we have someal is inrein information. new news about some developments going on at th aport rig at this second. >> so, there's clearly going to be eyewitnesses. so what the police are doing is that they're startingosk people at the air t check their iphones. which is really ar people don't know that they were witnesses. that they might actuly have evidence in their phones or in their cameras. and so there'soworfhi search amongst all the people that were there, the tens thousands of people, to say hey, did you see something? because the chances are, if the site wasece eas 4 hours, whit is because i used to do boston marathon security, someone probably got ni ne sort of chaos at the chaos is the wro wd. it's just morepehan t. family members, reunification. that person may have been seen by others and there may be a picture of him or her or the people. so that's what they'reooking for now. this is
, jessica yellin, thank you very much. i want to turn to juliette kayyam and cnn national security analyst fran townsend and the president of new age security solutions, former director of security at tel aviv airport. welcome to you all. let me start, if i may, with you juliette. you are the former u.s. assistant secretary for homeland security. how serious a blow is this to america's ongoing war on terror? >> oh, i think it's just too early to tell. i think one of the important aspects of the post-9/11 world is also the ways in which we become much more resilient to these kinds of attacks. we know the terrorist threat has changed. it is like whack-a-mole or it could be foreign terrorists, individual foreign terrorists, it could be domestic terrorists. we're reserving judgment right now. really the measure of a society is not simply is it attacked or not because we know we are vulnerable. we know we're an open society. we know that we love watching the boston marathon. it's really how do we respond. i think in that regard, this has been pretty remarkable. in the sense of how quickly they
in the boston attack. ann. >> reporter: and juliette, mountain mike's is one of just a handful of restaurants and businesses in martinez holding fundraisers for aaron hern's family. the hern family is very well known in this area. they have done a lot for the community. and now it's complete strangers who are asking, what can i do? >> the whole town is rallying around aaron and his family. >> reporter: the patrons have joined the effort to raise money for 11-year-old aaron hern and his family. aaron's leg was hit by a bomb shrapnel at the boston marathon finish line. his mother said he was back in surgery today and doctors are optimistic but he has a fever and the family is worried about infection. their friends and neighbors in martinez don't want them to worry about anything else. >> i just reached out to my community and said, you know, we have to help them. >> reporter: rocks on main raised $5,000 last night with donations still coming in. this weekend seven family owned restaurants will continue the effort. >> it's a small family oriented town. >> reporter: the herns are all about family
me bring in the former assistant from the fbi, tom, as juliette pointed out, it doesn't say this is connected to the boston bombings here, but i will say one thing is clear. it's happening in the atmosphere of the post-bombings, which is why there's an enormous heightened state of security around this entire area. we'll get to tom in a minute. >> an officer was shot on campus and has expired as a result of his wounds. there was a carjacking that took place as well in cambridge involving a mercedes suv. that car was ultimately discovered here in watertown and pursued by the watertown police department. the pursuit went into a residential neighborhood not far from here where there was an exchange of gunfire between watertown police and the m.i.t. police officer and the two suspects in this suv. during the course of this pursuit, several explosive devices were discharged from the car at the police officers. in the exchange of the gunfire, we believe that one of the suspects was struck and ultimately taken into custody. a second suspect was able to flee from that car and there i
plant explosion. what we know so far about the confirmed victims. good evening to you, i'm juliette goodrich. liz and ken are off tonight. they are the two most wanted men in america. the fbi says these may be the faces of the boston marathon bombers. tonight they are reaching out to the public for any information on who and where they might be. cbs reporter is live in boston to tell us how investigators were able to zero in on these two in the crowd. >> after the fbi put the images of the suspects on their website, they had a record number of hits. in fact, at one point there were so many people logging on, their entire website crashed. what they are telling us is that they consider these two men armed and extremely dangerous and they are no longer anonymous. they are known as suspect one, who is seen wearing a black baseball cap and suspect two, wearing a white one. turned back wards on his head. the two men are seen carrying backpacks through the crowd at the boston marathon minutes before the bombs went off. >> suspect two set down a backpack at the site of the second explosio
noticed. and why he was on the fbi's radar two years ago. >>> good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. >> and i'm ken bastida. a week of terror is finally over. tonight the second marathon bombing suspect is in custody. this photo from moments after he was captured gives us a good idea of what a messed up state he was in. police found the 19-year-old bloodied and hiding in a boat in watertown outside of boston. a tip led police to the suspect, bringing a 24 hour man hunt that locked down the city to an end. let's get right to vanita who is in watertown just outside of boston tonight. >> reporter: the 19-year-old bombing suspect is in the hospital at this hour listed in serious condition. he was apprehended after a massive five-day man hunt. a crowd cheered when they heard the suspected boston marathon bomber had been captured. minutes later, an ambulance carrying dzhozkar tsarnaev made its way out of a watertown, massachusetts, neighborhood, ending 24 hours of terror in this boston suburb. he was injured from a boat parked in a driveway. >> the citizens of the city of washington ca
evening. i'm juliette goodrich. let's go right to watertown. that's where a manhunt started after a police officer was shot and killed tonight on the m.i.t. campus. police immediately started looking for two suspects in that shooting. here now is dramatic coverage from about 20 minutes ago from a boston tv station. >> we heard the shots fired and we knew there was imminent danger. we could smelsmelled to be like gunpowder or burning rubber. and then all of a sudden, my photographer, camera in hand, said, look, look! we saw all these officers with their guns drawn. that's when neil, my photographer, said get down! and i got down behind the car door, behind the car, and he got down, i believe, behind the police car. it was a matter of just getting down as quickly as you could at the nearest possible place. so he was about 10 feet in front of me. and then i believe that when they told us to get back even further, when i heard something of a hand grenade, he must have followed me, but he and everyone else has been moved back now on the other side of this yellow tape. i don't know what he was a
in cnn analyst and former assistant homeland security secretary juliette kayyem. what is it that they're going to looking for in early hours? >> well, they are trying to engage a lot of the public who may be unwitting sort of witnesses to what happened. there is a big suspicion that the perpetrator or perpetrators were probably on site and the reason there's no disclose sure of a cellular detonation. someone may have picture of someone walking into the area and four seconds later someone has a picture of the same person. both at logan and amtrak, trying to engage the people leaving town now. we have about 750,000 people -- 75,000 people leaving town to try to get them to look at their iphones. just about 200 feet away from me is the finish line. so they are combing through all 0 that. that's a forensic site and that may lead to materials or evidence related to both the m bomb and shrapnel that might have fingerprints. >> it's hard for people to imagine trying to secure a marathon like this, a lot of times what ends up happening you've got well-wishers, family members who want to com
on the bush administration and also juliette kayyem, department of homeland security. what jumped out at you today? >> well, in terms of what we saw, if you notice, it was only law enforcement now. it was the head of the fbi here and our u.s. attorneys, all of the politicians are gone. this is all about the investigation. for me and fran, people that know the fbi, this is an incredible change from the fbi accused around 9/11 of just close holding all of the information. this was a calculated risk on their part. we hope that they are looking at the right people. it's clear whatever else they had in the film discloses enough information for them to take this risk. they need to know more about these people. but they are being cautious as well. finally, this crowd you sourcing aspect of this that the fbi is doing, it's very equivalent to the july 7th attacks in london. this is what the british police did. this is -- has to do with how many pictures there are now in - our society. so this is a very familiar thing and will be more so in the future. it feels very unique to us and we will get used t
, juliette kayyem. we got a report just a short time ago there was an ambulance on the scene. he seems to have been taken away in a vehicle, not in that ambulance. we don't know if he needs medical attention or not. we do not know his status. that's been one of the questions all day long. a number of police have been injured just in the melee in the early morning hours in watertown. we know one police officer obviously was killed. another one was seriously wounded, went into surgery but as many as 15 had received minor injuries and are doing okay. we don't know what his status is. assuming he's not physically hurt, where will he be taken? >> right now, he will be taken to the u.s. attorney, to our federal courthouse which is about two miles away from here, three miles away from here. he'll be booked and processed and arrested and if this is going to start a very unusual day will start to look very, very usual. we will determine whether he will get legal counsel. he will get a defense attorney and then therefore, the case proceeds. >> from a federal law enforcement official, being told
was the motivation. >> juliette, you work in the boston area. you actually have run in this marathon, very impressive. how big of a security operation has it been in past years? >> i was the governor's homeland security advisor, every city and town that the race goes on, they all get involved, public safety, public health, emergency management. this thing is planned for about six to seven months beforehand. the problem with the finish line is even though it's secure and it's been secure for about 48 hours. that's why i think someone probably came in during the period -- >> early. >> yeah. secure for a long period of time and there's constant surveillance of it. the problem with the finish line is you have 25,000 runners, their families, public health officials, people passing out water. it is very chaotic. you can never make it perfectly safe. that gives me hope that there's a lot of people with cameras who might have seen something happen. it would be much more difficult to leave devices for a long period of time because the police presence is so strong at that point. there's a lot of public officia
of this investigation as well. so we'll hear momentarily from the governor of massachusetts, but, john king, juliette, john, first to you. we shouldn't read too much into this either postponement or if it's canceled, the news conference, i would read something into that but if it is just postponed by an hour or two that stuff happens. >> clearly, they've had significant breakthroughs in the investigation. where they are exactly is a little murky. they were supposed to be at 1:00, then moved it to 5:00. now indefinite. clearly that means they are trying to get their ducks in order. >> right. >> there's been angst over some of the leaks. we have the justice department, boston police department, now fbi saying no arrest has been made after there were leaks from law enforcement officials suggesting they had been made. they clearly want to get their own communication in order. the question is are they delaying this because of progress in the investigation, a delay just from a communication standpoint to make sure everyone is on the same page? we don't know. >> the other possibility, juliette, is they don'
on the investigation, the aftermath of the boston marathon bombings. joining us now is juliette keim. she's cnn's homeland security analyst. columnist for the boston globe. jake tapper has been watching what's going on. they seem to be making pretty significant progress. there are all these reports out there that there are two individuals. i don't know if we can call them suspects. but they're narrowing in on these two individuals who were seen on this videotape. >> that's exactly right. the information is trickling in. we haven't had a formal statement from the government or any of the investigators for quite a while. that would mean that they are not prepared to tell the public where they are. either because the trail is very hot and why sort of stop that investigation or it means that the trail is cold and they're trying to figure out how best to engage the public. right now we are in a holding pattern. the information that has come out has been the result of the investigation tactics that were used on monday and tuesday which was anyone who has a camera, anyone who has an iphone, any store
by someone else to perform such an action and juliette kayyem, still with me, these brothers have been here for a number of years, at least a couple of years we're told. more or less likely they were influenced or had direct contact prosecu from abroad? >> you can't know at this stage it just really depends on why they did this, what their motivation was. we'll look at the travel records, we'll see -- government will see where they have been. they could have been here, self-radicalized for whatever reason, been sociopaths and happened to be chechnyan, that happens, and attack the -- the boston marathon. i think it really is too early to tell. what viewers need to know is the fact that they are from chechnya is not a motivation. it is merely a fact about their biography right now. >> the scope of the terror attacks that began on monday, only crowing. three killed on monday, more than 170 injured. overnight, another victim. an m.i.t. campus police officer and a transit officer was wounded in this police chase as well. very dramatic turned events overnight, still developing at the moment. can
signs of boston, beginning to heal. fenway park as juliette mentioned is alive with red sox fans cheering on the hometown and home team. jb, you there? >> reporter: i am here, jake, indeed. it is warming all our hearts at fenway to be here with 35,000 brothers and sisters now. it has been an unbelievable day. it began with a special ceremony before the game when we saw victims of the attacks in the boston marathon, saw first responders, and saw a remarkable thing. we heard it, too, the entire crowd sang the national anthem again in unison. that has become a new boston tradition. one i think that will truly stick. i spoke to a number of fans here who came to this game. they said it was very, very special for them to be here. i think none more so than this woman i met who was actually from the town of watertown. yesterday she was locked down, sheltering in place. today she's at fenway. let's listen to what she said. >> so surreal an experience. it was like this morning i woke up and i was like i am so grateful that i don't have to wake up feeling like i did yesterday every day. fel
'm juliette goodrich in for elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. the fbi is adamantly denying earlier reports of an arrest in the case. however, they may be closer than ever. cbs news has confirmed that a suspect has been identified in surveillance video. in it, he appears to be dropping off a black bag that may have contained the second bomb. investigators say the man was on his cell phone when the first bomb went off. he was then seen quickly leaving the area. investigators won't say how close they are to tracking him down but claim major progress. we have live team coverage starting with ken bastida in boston. we are starting to see signs of people's lives slowly returning to normal. >> reporter: yeah. that's right, allen. they are taking, you know, the developments today as good news here in boston. somewhat. the investigation is moving forward and people are feeling better about being outside. in particular, merchants have had a chance to get back to work. >> reporter: words spread quickly around copley square that something was going on a suspect in the bombing has been identifyed. >>
's radar two years ago. gooevending i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm ken. the week of terror is over. let's get right to vinita in watertown tonight. >> right now the suts pekt is in the hospital listed in serious condition. meanwhile the entire city of boston is breathing a big sigh of relief after a five-day, extensive man hunt [ cheering ] . >> a crowd cheered when they haeshd that a suspected boston marathon bomber had been captured. minute later an ambulance considerlying dzhokhar tsarnaev made its say and 24 hours after terror in this boston suburb. tsarnaev was captured alive but injured from a boat parked in a driveway. >> the citizens in the city of boston and this area can be confident that the threat has been removed. >> the break in the case came friday evening when a homeowner noticed blood on the boat's protective cover and called 911. law inforcement sources say they exchanged gunfire with the suspect. a neighbor caught the fire fight on video. >> ultimately, the hostage rescue team or the fbi made an entry into the boat and removed the suspect, who was still alive, in the
no one will forget. cnn national security analyst juliette is here with me. what kind of evidence may have they already gathered on dzhokhar tsarnaev behind the photographic evidence we have already seen. >> beyond anything acquired at the attack, they would have done a thorough review of their background and their travel records. so right now the question is did the older brother, who did he meet with on his foreign travels. it's pretty clear that the younger brother didn't have that many foreign connections. so he might have been influenced by the older brother. there's going to be a case against the younger brother. and then there's going to be an investigation to see foreign contacts and what did he do when he was abroad. a lot more to happen. and last night there were reports of an arrests in new bedford. there's going to be a bunch of activity many that regard to see if they had contacts or who their contacts were in america. >> let's be honest. you worked at the department of homeland security under president obama. the u.s. is often skeptical when the russians talk about chech
could make if they wanted to and if they took the time and resources. >> juliette former homeland security official, predicted the would-be captured because of being caught on camera. >> there's no way that someone planning this would have thought that they wouldn't have been seen by some camera. >> and she was right. >> we are releasing photos of these two suspects. >> late thursday, a big break in the case. fbi officials release these pictures and video of two suspects, suspect one and suspect two. fbi officials say the suspect with the white cap was seen on video dropping off a backpack shortly before one of the two bombs exploded. just hours later, around 10:00 p.m. thursday, one of the suspects is captured on a surveillance camera. police say it is one of the suspected marathon bombers in the white hat. later identified as 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. minutes later, shots are fired at m.i.t. a campus police officer, sean collier, is found in his cruiser with multiple gunshots. he's pronounced dead at the hospital. not long after, two men carjack a mercedes suv. watertown po
of the fbi. also juliette kyemm is here former national security analyst and also representative of the boston globe. tom, give us a perspective. how big a deal is this as far as the fbi is concerned, historically speaking? >> wolf, as far as i can remember, in my 30 years in the bureau and years before and after in law enforcement, i can't recall a fugitive search that was this large of a scale. as far as i can recall this is about the biggest we've seen. >> juliette, what do you think? >> i absolutely agree with tom. i think one of the challenges right now for people in government is how do you try to get some semblance of normalcy? that may be what we'll hear at 5:30. how do you ratchet down so to speak if we don't find him? how do you make people safe and yet get back to work and be resilient and go on? part of it is going to be my guess is going to be tied to what's happening in watertown which seems to be the focal point right now. i think once they go through each of the houses then you begin to make people aware that things are safer. you begin to relieve some public safe
. >> you know, juliette, last night, i kept saying let's not be speculating, i don't want to speculate. i turned on the news today and i'm not going to say who it was, but i've seen on other channels, a lot of people speculating, i hear people talking about al qaeda, the taliban. these devices, though we have seen them used overseas in afghanistan, we've seen them used in other countries. >> that's right. >> and they're available on the internet. >> this bomb that apparently -- that is in the magazine, the al qaeda magazine, people say oh, that might be a clue. you know what else is in that magazine? ak-47s, handguns. it's cheap weaponries. devices to kill people cheaply. that's all that is. so that does not -- to that point on the press conference today. i've never seen a press conference like that. the fbi had two messages, one was, we need your help. and the second was, we're in no hurry. we've got time on our side. governor patrick said the same thing. people should not expect by thursday we'll be here with a guy in handcuffs. this is -- this could be similar to the atlanta olympic bo
until we have additional information. >> reporter: earlier they did -- what we do know tonight, juliette, is that they move in floodlights so we know they will be here 24/7. >> as far as 24/7 protection, who pays for the security? >> reporter: a lot of money. pg&e said they will be adding up the costs and paying them. but we all have to wonder since we're all ratepayers how much of that will be passed on to us. >> all right. linda yee, thank you. >>> these may be the two most wanted men in america. potential suspects in the deadly boston marathon bombings. the fbi released the images just hours ago with the hope that someone out there knows who and where they are. cbs reporter vinita nair is in boston with new details on how stigators ze ion em. >> reporter: the fbi considers these two suspects armed and ex- strangely dangerous. we saw the surveillance video we heard so much about and in it you can see the two suspects walking through the crowds at the boston marathon. they are among the most wanted men in america. the fbi released photos and videos of two men wanted for questioning in m
. tom, in terms of what happens overnight, where the investigation is now, juliette earlier was saying critical right now that law enforcement just wants to make sure there are no other devices still out there. what are the other arms of this investigation? >> the forensic work will continue. it's going to be very difficult, i'm sure they brought lights out to help them do the crime scene. and actually both crime scenes where both bombs went off. as far as the rest of the work, there are a number of records that they're going to need to obtain, seasons that have to be written, prepared, types, ready to give to businesses for telephone records, internet records, the cell tower, how many phones were hitting off of the cell phone towers that were in close promiseproximity. so work will be going on around the clock. any identity of international perps of interest or others, that work would be daytime ov overseas, so that work will be continuing in other countries if there are leads that are led to request that information overseas. so there will be a tremendous amount of work going on arou
. i'm also joined by cnn national security analyst juliette kymmet. deborah, give us the latest from watertown from the last few minutes. >> reporter: there is still a lot of activity. what we can tell you is that 20 minutes ago i got an alert on my iphone as a matter of fact that read the shelter is still in effect and does not prevent employees from returning home. that was an official alert on my iphone which is not from the watertown or even the massachusetts area but that alert popped up and then just moments after that the car that was described in a lookout, a green civic with the license plate that matched, was taken from the scene here. we just saw two trucks also brought into play. it has been relatively quiet but as you can hear just above me there is now another helicopter, another police helicopter circling the area. we can tell you we received new video of the older brother taken off of a youtube site. he is in his car sort of making fun and making faces and this is the first time we're seeing this video. he is there and sort of just goofing around. we are learning from
throughout the morning. john, i'm going to turn now to juliette kayyem, cnn contributor, "boston globe" columnist as well. picking up on what we were just hearing there, the idea of no loud and proud here. no group stepping up saying that they did it. a little bit of process of exclusion here. what are the steps we're going to take? >> i think that's exactly right. i think the fact that no one has sort of said hey, it was me, leads a lot of people to focus on the domestic side of this. but i don't think that the police are going -- and i don't think they'll get dissuaded by that. there have been instances where no one's taken claim for it for awhile. basically there's two investigations going on. both within the fbi. one is going to be are there any foreign intelligence sources, any chatter that would have predicted that this was going to happen? the second is going to be the domestic home-grown. different laws apply to both and different agencies will be involved with both. and then they also would come together at the fbi. there's a lot of people involved right now, plus the state an
people and variables. cnn analyst, former assistant homeland security juliette kayyem joining us. let's pick up something fran said there. when you look at this, how does this rate as a difficulty factor for an investigation? tons of people? cell phone communication, closed circuit tv, everybody has a device these days, lots of eyeballs on the situation, and yet also so much to go through. how do you balance it? >> overall, it's going to be pretty good for the investigation for the reasons you said. this was a high-profile event, lots of cameras, potentially eyewitnesss, we'll have to cull through that, see who knew what, saw what, maybe didn't know they saw something. up somebody came in. you have the cameras and the bomb material. >> following up with the cell phone information, it tells us who was talking to whom, but may relate to detonation? >> potential detonation. at the two moments of detonation, you might link it to a service and then the service might link it to a potential customer. one can only assume. we don't know if a cell phone was being used. i will say this. they alm
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